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Social Services Department

The Social Services Department at Cedar County Memorial Hospital was established in 1976. We aid patients and their families with personal and environmental difficulties, which predisposes illness or interferes with obtaining the maximum benefits from medical care. Social Services seeks to relieve the stress perceived by hospitalization, which can interfere with recovery.

Social Services Consultation
The Social Service Worker interviews patients and families to identify and assess needs, arranges post discharge care, compiles medical & social history summaries, confers with physicians and maintains current community health and welfare resources information.

Lifeline Emergency Response System, initiated by the Cedar County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, is a service managed by the Social Services Department. The Lifeline System allows an individual to receive emergency assistance by the use of a small call button worn as a watch or necklace. Pressing the button from any where around the home activates a communication unit that alerts a monitoring center. The monitoring center in turn notifies friends or relatives that assistance is needed. Contact the Social Service worker at Cedar County Memorial Hospital for additional information or to have Care Call installed in your home.

The Social Service worker can also help with completing an Advance Directive. This can be a living will or a durable power of attorney for health care. Either document allows you to give directions about your future medical care and protects your right to accept or refuse medical care if you ever become mentally or physically unable to choose or communicate your wishes due to an injury or illness. The Advance Directive forms are available at Cedar County Memorial Hospital as well as the Notary Public and witnesses to help with completion of the document.

For assistance with any of these services or questions for the Social Service Department please call 417-876-3598.