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Health Information Management

Will you send my records to my provider?

Ordering Providers will automatically receive results of their requested exam/test. However if you would like your medical information to be sent to additional providers, you must complete a Release of Information request. Medical record requests are faxed or mailed depending on the number of pages and failure of the fax number on the request. We generally do not fax records more than 50 pages. We will only fax to secured lines; we will not fax to a patient's homes. Please complete the Release of Information request accurately and clearly.

Can I get a copy of my deceased relative's records?

You can get a copy of the record if you are the executor of the relative's estate or if you are the power of attorney who has been caring for them.

Medical Records Request Form Click here to print form. Or Complete our online form here. You can request medical records by completing the medical records request form. Health Information departmental staff will not interpret any lab result findings. If you have any concerns about your test findings, please contact the Ordering Provider or your Primary Care Provider.