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Photo of Andrew Wyant, M.D.

Andrew Wyant, M.D.

Medical Mall Clinic / Primary Care / Hospitalist



Indiana University School of Medicine


Andrew R. Wyant, M.D. received his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) from Indiana University School of Medicine. He, along with his wife Krystal and their family moved to El Dorado Springs where he began his local practice in May 2019.

He is a broadly trained physician, having previously worked in ER, surgery, obstetrics and general practice. He also taught at the University of Kentucky, Division of Physician Assistant Studies Program for several years. But his real interest is in Primary care or as he refers to it, being an "old-fashioned" doctor who takes care of as much as possible within the bounds of what is safe and realistic. One reason that he chose El Dorado Springs was the fact that he can see patients in his clinic as well as do hospital inpatient care for them if needed. That type of care is not as common as it once was in the past. He commented, "Here, I see a chance to come into a community and help those who have a need. Krystal and I have a similar purpose which is important to me. We both want to live where we can be servants and make a difference. And we want to give back - we want to support local businesses and want our children to go to school here --- we want this to be our home."